It's fair to say that wings are a Super Bowl staple. According to the National Chicken Council (who knew this was a thing), the chicken industry is expecting Americans to consume close to 1.4 billion wings during the big game on Sunday. Wings have been extra popular all year long though. The annual Wing Report, says that wings sales jumped 7 percent during the pandemic which makes sense considering wings make for great take-out.

On-air today I asked listeners to DM me in the Mix 106 app where I can find the best chicken wings in Boise. I specifically asked people not to send me places like Buffalo Wild Wings because we’re only talking local here. Recommendations came pouring in! If you're planning to include chicken wings to your Super Bowl menu here are some of the best local spots to consider.

  1. Rudy's - Known for their "famous" chicken wings.
  2. Lindy's Steakhouse - .65 cent wings all day everyday, you can't beat that!
  3. The Curb - The Curb popped up multiple times in my DM's as having some of the best wings in town.
  4. Edge Brewery - This place was actually rated as one of the "50 best places to eat chicken wings" in the entire country.
  5. Eureka - A great choice especially if you like your wings hot and spicy!
  6. Papa Joe's Pizza - It's true. Pizza places sometimes actually serve some of the best wings. Papa Joe's is the perfect example.
  7. Kopper Kitchen - The bourbon sauce is top-notch.
  8. Wingers - Wings is in the name. Say less.

Have any wing recommendations not on this list? Comment on Facebook or DM me in the Mix 106 app!

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