Ya'll, I'm looking like an old broad. It was not long ago that I could pretend to be twenty-something when asked my age. But lately I've been again at a rapid pace. It's like 2020 wants my face to reflect how trash it is. My crows feet are, frown lines, laugh lines, and etched lines are thriving. It's time to turn to Yelp for help! Here are the the top choices:

Bobbi Bullock Medical Esthetics- 5 stars (16 reviews)

Promising Review: 5 Stars- Kay, so I went to see Bobbi yesterday for Botox and a titch of filler in my cheekbones, and I couldn't be happier...

The minute that I walked into Bobbi's spa, I felt welcome, comfortable and like of course I belonged there! Don't we all? Bobbi's assistant, Jennifer, put me at ease with her easy laughter and attentive answers to my questions. Then Bobbi spent at least 30 minutes patiently explaining the procedures she offers, how the different products work, and giving me suggestions while Jennifer took notes. Did I mention that consultations are complimentary? Bobbi's knowledge and demeanor made me feel confident that I was in good hands.

After the consultation, I was then given a brochure with my options highlighted costed out. I felt zero pressure to choose every option, or even to proceed with any of the options. But damn, I'm glad I did, because I walked out of there looking 10 years younger, and the Botox hasn't even kicked in yet.

In sum - just go, already! I wish I hadn't waited so long. -Mizz S.

Om Med Spa- 5 Stars (8 reviews)
Promising Review:  5 Stars- I was so happy to find Allison when I moved from San Diego to Boise. It's always hard to leave someone you trust with your health and appearance and find a new one in a new city. Allison is amazing! She is personable and very knowledgeable and clearly loves what she does. Not only is does she know her stuff, she takes a lot of time to listen to her clients' needs and desires and is able to give the results they are wanting. She errors on the side of less-is-more which is what I was looking for (she's always available for touch ups!). -Stephanie L.

Alpine Surgical Arts- 5 Stars (4 reviews)

Promising Review:  5 Stars- Dr Haghighi is honestly incredible. He goes above and beyond for me as a patient. He's done Botox, and lip fillers on me and every time I'm there he's just so full of information, personable, and kind. He never does more than what I'm looking for as well. I never walk out feeling fake or like there's more going on than I needed. I even called to ask his receptionist about Botox for an eye twitch. He could've had me in and done the procedure but instead, he called me personally to make a diet plan and stressed the need for rest. He wanted to try a natural approach before he did anything procedure wise. I genuinely appreciate the care he puts into medicine. If you're looking for almost any facial procedure, definitely talk to this office. They are warm, welcoming, and really care about your well being. I will continue to see them for any needs I have! -Brandy N.

Seems like I'd be in good hands with any of these med spas, but Om Med Spa's reviews really caught my (wrinkly) eye. I don't want to look like a weird surgery cat. I'd rather get too little done and have to add instead of too much and look fake and awful. The fact that touch ups are an option is a big plus for me. Once I've lost 20lbs and tweaked my face to perfection, it's over for ya'll (in that seeing me look haggard will be over for you to witness).

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