I know for a lot of us, some of our best meals in Boise have been at Berryhill for formal dinner and at Bacon for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.  Now Berryhill is going bye-bye. 

For those of us who love Bacon, this is not a bad thing.  It means additional time to eat at Bacon throughout the day, even as we say goodbye to the Berryhill concept.

Berryhill started the more fine-dining side of the business in 1995.  Chef John Berryhill has continued to add to his offerings over time.  The last year or two, both Bacon and Berryhill operated in the same space with Bacon in the morning and mid-day, and then Berryhill at night.

Bacon's new hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily which is a four hour extension of their operating hours. The specialty bacon will continue to be the key of the restaurant.  In addition, if you've become a fan of the Bacon Bloody Mary, those too will remain.

You can find more about the background and reasons behind the changes in the Idaho Statesman.

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