Do you love ice cream? Do you also love tacos?'re in luck!

Ben & Jerry’s unveiled the new CHILL-aco and holy cow does it look delicious! It's the ultimate ice cream taco! Similar to Starbucks' limited time Unicorn Frap, this is also available for a limited time only here in the Treasure Valley.

The new CHILL-aco features a crunchy waffle cone taco surrounded by a soft waffle cone wrap with a layer of warm caramel in between the two waffle cones.The taco filling per se, consists of two scoops of ice cream with a generous topping of fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs. Yum!

If I had to guess, I’d say the CHILL-aco drew its inspiration from Taco Bell’s Double Stacked Taco. They’re eerily similar in their technical build, but taste nothing alike of course.


Get yours at the downtown Boise location of Ben & Jerry's at 103 N. 10th Street.  Share your pics of this limited time creation and let us know what you think!


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