It ain't easy being a girl sometimes.  We psych ourselves out emotionally, hear voices in our heads, struggle with weight and body image issues, stress over guys that aren't worth it, and have to fight off constant cravings for chocolate, granola, and sometimes vodka.  But there are benefits to being a gal!

Check this out from ABC News and be proud ladies.

--  Women have a better sense of smell.  And there's physical evidence.  Women have up to 50% more cells in their olfactory bulb, which is the part of your brain that tells you what stuff smells like.  Who knew.

--  Women are less likely to gain belly fat.  (Might we gain other fat easily?  Seems it doesn't take much on the thighs!  Don't you wish it would just go to the chest girls?  Fat is directionally challenged it seems.)  The closer your fat reserves are to your heart, the more likely you are to develop heart disease.  So no belly fat is good, and apparently we don't want chest fat either.

-- Women have a higher pain tolerance.  We have babies!  Enough said.

Something to talk about over dinner tonight with your hubby.  We may still struggle with anxiety and weight issues, but at least we can endure pain and have a better chance of having a flat belly. And we can smell another woman's perfume a mile away.  Being a woman does have its benefits.

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