Why can't it be you? The world watched over the weekend as Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson and his crew became Astronauts. That was followed by his very own offer to you that includes a trip to space.

Branson rocketed to space and back to Earth like a quick flight into Seattle from Boise. History was made that quick and now it's your turn Idaho.

Idahoans to Outer Space Plus One

I have given away hundreds of thousands of tickets to the biggest shows and hottest events. I'll be honest though, this might be the best plus one contest in history.

Richard Branson will be giving you and your closest friend a trip to outer space. This is a roundtrip bucket list opportunity. You will fly from Boise International Airport into Spaceport American in New Mexico. This includes a special VIP experience tour with Sir Rickard Branson, hotel included. Boise does have a tie to NASA and how cool would that be?

You might remember that back in February, Idaho-powered Perseverance Rover. The Idaho National Laboratory built a radioactive generator that's like a power source keeping Perseverance functional. So, while you wouldn't be flying to Mars, it's possible you would be the only Astronaut that calls Idaho their home. You'll be on Late night talk shows, hosting local television affiliates and your socials would explode.

How to Win the Trip to Space

You can purchase raffle tickets that get you in for this trip. All the money goes towards Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF America) which is a global grantmaking organization. The website says it won't cost you any money, but you can donate to support with entries. It also says you can purchase up to $100 that gives you 2,000 entries. This is odd considering the fine print mentions, "A purchase, payment, or donation will not increase the chances of winning."


Regardless, it's worth a good donation for a chance to fly out to space and back. Plus, you get Astronauts wings which I probably would wear everywhere (like, everywhere!)

You're estimated to leave Boise sometime in 2022 and the entry closes September 1, 2021. The winner to be announced on September 29, 2021. Good luck!

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