And I have proof! My fiance Stacy, who turned 30 in January, has officially hit PEAK baby fever!

In like a real, visceral way... It's funny because I remember asking her early on if she wanted kids and I don't know if she was playing it cool or what, but she was like "yeah, maybe", and now the baby fever is in over drive.

I love it... She daydreams about being pregnant, being a mom, she daydreams about how she's going to tell me she's pregnant, she talks pretty frequently about baby names, about how we're going to raise our kids, how our opinions differ on different things, what types of foods she'd like to make for our kids.

It's just kind of crazy cause all my life I heard about baby fever but I guess that meant people get to a certain age and kinda want babies. Oh, it's much more than that!

And I'll be honest... I'm a guy and I might just have a bit of baby fever too!

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