It's an annual event that continues to draw in the crowds. Art in the Park kicks off tomorrow at Julia Davis Park. 

Here is the skinny on what's going down this year at Art In The Park. Friday kicks off the event hosted by the Boise Art Museum. This open air festival has long become the season changing event for locals and travelers who visit our beautiful City of Trees.

A Walk In Event. One of the best parts of this few day festival is that it's one of those if you stumble across it as you walk down the greenbelt, perfect. Or if you are the planning type. There is plenty to see and do.

260 Craft Vendors - The park will be full of local and regional artists sharing their work for a reasonable price. I can't tell you how many times, I've come here expecting to only sample the great Food and bev but walked away with amazing and breathtaking masterpieces.

Food Trucks - YUP. One of the best part of the next few days is the eclectic amount of choices one has walking into art in the park. The food, my goodness the food. A sea of Trucks filled with some of the best the valley has to offer.

Shuttles will be availble to and from the park to various places close to the Boise Art Museum. Much like the Spirit Of Boise Balloon Classic, this is an event specifically for the family to attend. A must do! The event kicks off Friday, September 8th through 10th. For more info visit

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