Summer is here and there is a feeling that we'll be moving a million miles an hour this year. Idaho is ready for some safe, but crazy fun this year.

This also means that as the Boise Hawks season begins and concerts are back we also have a Summer camp kick-off.

The Boise Art Museum is just one of the many places offering Summer camps for our children. There is definitely some excitement among parents that we can safely introduce our kids back to fun this Summer and BAM is one of them.

What is the Boise Art Museum?

This is a museum that creates visual arts experiences to help engage people and inspire learning through exhibitions, collections, and educational opportunities. That's almost word for word in the description online. This is a cultural portal right in Boise with visual arts and engagement.

Rhondak Native/Unsplash
Rhondak Native/Unsplash

Full-Day Art Camps, Prices and Times

BAM offers different types of camps including Classes+Workshops for Adults. You can look around to find a class that interests your family. This Art Camps for Children is a full-day class that runs in June and August.

June camps are already full. August registration still open.

These exhibits are inspired by the Bosie Art Museum that encompasses a variety of art media for kids. I'll post up full descriptions below with links.

Full-Day Camps

BIG and BOLD on August 9-13 (Ages 7-11)

  • August 9-13
  • 9 AM - 4 PM
  • Ages: 7-11
  • Members $295 with non-members $345

If your children need some fun and creative time with others this might be your avenue. You can register online below. Click on the + sign next to BIG and BOLD on the website to open a drop-down menu for more information.

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