As it turns out, picnics can be pretty romantic if you do it right. My fiance and I had an impromptu lunch picnic at Julia Davis Park in Downtown Boise and it was awesome.

Picnic dates are like the new restaurant dates... You can go traditional and bring a blanket with a cooler and sandwich fixins, OR you can grab takeout and go sit at a park bench.

In our case, we picked up Empanadas from the Empanada Club (AMAZING) and sat down at a park bench to enjoy them. The only real complaint I have is having to step through and around all the Geese poop. And the birds can be a little beggy.

What's your favorite Treasure Valley picnic spot? Is there a hidden gem somewhere you feel like sharing? Somewhere with all the beauty but less Geese poop? And do you pack a lunch or pick it up from a restaurant?


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