I love food, I particularly love seafood, and when I got the invite to have dinner at Anthony's in Downtown Boise for their mock opening, of course I had to go!

First off, thank you to Inge, Drew and the crew over at Anthony's for the invite. I've been pretty excited about Anthony's opening up downtown at JUMP Boise since I first saw their sign out front a couple months ago. Anthony's is a Seattle based restaurant that specializes in tasty seafood, and man, do they do it well! To make things ultra convenient, you can park in the garage under JUMP and you'll see the Anthony's sign by the elevator that will lead you right to their host stand. We were welcomed by name, which was so cool.

I had the tastiest Lemon Drop drink I've had in my entire life, which gave me a nice low level buzz to start the night with. Then came the muscles and prawns and those were top notch as well. The bread was great, the clam chowder was incredible... Hungry yet? Then came my steelhead salmon and my wife's ahi tuna, both incredible meals. Then dessert came; a huckleberry Sundae with ice cream from Stella's so that they could keep it really local.

I'll definitely be back for round two ASAP but what a great first meal to enjoy at Anthony's. Anthony's opens up to the general public for dinner starting tomorrow (Tuesday 1/26) night. DM us in the app and let me know where your favorite seafood in the Treasure Valley can be found!

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