9-1-1 operators can't help with drive-thru orders that get messed up, they don't have cigarettes or a light, and they aren't a dating service that can set up callers with cute police officers. People have called 9-1-1 for some pretty non-legit reasons, and it's a crime each time it happens.

Now add this new doozy to the list, and it happened in Idaho.

A man in Post Falls got upset about his bar tab, and after he got kicked out of the bar around 1am Sunday, national news sites are saying that he made 12 emergency calls at that point, wanting police to come back to discuss his bar tab, saying he was overcharged.

He was charged $30 for 10 beers.  And he's facing a fine now for misdemeanor misuse of 9-1-1, which will probably be a whole lot more than the beer money.