Boise is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow, and you'll have three minutes to voice your opinion on anything from parking issues to building a stadium downtown.  This will be so much more effective than letting it fly on social media.

City leaders in Boise want to get everybody involved, and provide opportunities for us to add our two cents on things like recycling, parking, roads, transportation, and building a new buzzed about athletic venue,

The Boise city council is hosting a series of Town Hall meetings this year, with the first one coming up tomorrow, April 11th, from  from 7-9 p.m. at Fire Station 4.  That's at 8485 Ustick Road. Another town hall meeting is planned for July, and the last one will be in October, at different locations.

Anyone that wants to speak will have three minutes to share ideas or voice concerns, and mayor and council will hear from as many citizens as time allows. The council says it's not a formal public hearing, and we should avoid talking about things that are related to land use applications already submitted.  In other words, it might not be an opportunity to change projects that are already underway, but it will be a chance to plant seeds and provide thought-starters as Boise continues to grow.

And as we all know, Boise is growing fast.  If you're part of these town hall meetings this year, you can look back in ten years and know your were an instrumental part of the process.

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