We've got some amazing restaurant options here in the Treasure Valley, so many cool local options. Here's 5 that should become national chains and rake in the cash.

  1. One of my favorite restaurants that would make incredible chain in terms of being loved and adored by customers is fundamentally unable to be a chain because they base so much of their model on being local and having local foods and that is Fork on 8th Street. Between their delicious appetizers like their fried asparagus, amazing comfort food entrees and desserts in which mere pictures will make you salivate, they should definitely go national.
  2. Tango's Empanada's food truck serves up the delicious flavors of Argentina in the form of a little pastry pocket of meat filled goodness. They should definitely go national. Could you imagine these trucks running wild across the country? There would be lots of smiling faces.
  3. Boise Fry Company is pretty obvious to me. Let's be honest, we all know that outside of Idaho, the first thing people think of when they hear "Idaho" is potatoes, and Boise Fry Company takes tremendous pride in serving up the best potatoes, as well as all the other ingredients that makeup their menu. Plus, they strive to be as green and good to the environment as possible. We need more of this across this great country!
  4. Even Stevens is a really cool, modern sandwich shop in Downtown Boise, just West of 8th street on Bannock, next to Freak Alley. In fact, their outdoor seating area comes with a view of freak alley. Now this is a chain that has several Utah locations and has made it's way into Boise, but isn't quite a national chain, yet. In addition to their great sandwiches, Even Stevens has great breakfast food! They have an egg sandwich on a Hawaiian bun that has maple syrup on it and it is incredible. Oh, and they have tots!
  5. BarbacoaOkay, you knew I was going to say it but every city in America should have a Barbacoa. The atmosphere, the delicious food, the drinks, the desserts. A perfect date night spot, or maybe you have a work related meeting, or in my case, a wedding dinner, Barbacoa is one of Boise's finest, best tasting and most interesting restaurants. Get a steak, and have them light it on fire at your table. You will not regret it.
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