It's not uncommon around Boise to see two people on the same scooter, but the goal of a new program is to put an end to double-riding.  

Lime just announced it's expanding a new program called Group Ride that will allow several scooters to be unlocked from a single user account.  The goal is to cut down on the number of times we see two people on the same scooter.

The company said last week it would be expanding Group Ride around the US and Canada soon, but this feature on the Lime app is already live in Boise.  You can unlock up to five scooters from one account, as long as all of the riders are over 18 and they agree to the rules. And the rules include wearing a helmet, abiding by the traffic rules, not using alcohol, watching out for pedestrians, and saying no to adding that second person behind you.

With Group Ride you can add passengers on the fly, so when your friends finally roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and want to join the ride late, you can unlock a scooter for them and they can meet you along the way.

We can ride scooters in Boise on city streets, on sidewalks, and in bike lanes, as well as on the Greenbelt.  But there are a few places where scooters are banned, and that includes parts of Boise State, skate parks, the Boise Foothills, the Idaho State Capitol, and Kathryn Albertson Park.

The City of Boise offers more rules and tips for e-scooters HERE.

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