We have seen the new e-scooters popping up all over the Treasure Valley. It started in Meridian with a mixed review, lots of negative feedback as people really didn't know how to use them. Recently in Boise we have seen much more of a positive response because residents have a much better understand of how to use them without causing any issues.

It does seem that quite a few people are nervous about using the scooters around town as they don't have helmets readily available with the scooter rentals. The creators of Bird one of the e-scooter companies currently in Boise have a way for you to get a free helmet with 2 easy steps.

  1. Activate your Bird account and complete one ride.
  2. Then access the Safety tab within the Bird App, using the same email address as your Bird Account you will have an option to order one free helmet per rider.

It's just that simple, plus it's a way for you to be safe as you navigate the streets of Boise or Meridian. Please share these details with any of your friends that use or plan on using the e-scooters around town.

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