There are signs all around us that summer is coming to an end and the Better Business Bureau is revealing their list of the scams that have been reported the most over the past few months. First reported by KIVI, phishing scams, tax collection, and online purchasing scams top the list. Although the scam they call the family emergency scam had the most money lost to a victim. One Idaho victim lost around $34,000.

Veronica Cracker from the BBB described how the scam works in hopes no one else falls victim.

"The scam started off as an innocent friendship made on Facebook. The victim made friends with the scammer, who used a fake profile. The scammer created an entire family online and convinced the victim that they were a real person. Eventually, they started messaging the victim and telling them they needed money for their children or various emergencies. They were able to scam the victim out of small increments of money before going on to ask for larger funds. Finally, the victim told them they could no longer send them money and that’s when the scammer started to get angry and aggressive. Unfortunately, they were not able to get their money back,".

Another scam involved an Idaho resident sending $8,000 to a person when they thought they were sending money to an injured grandson. Veronica reminds everyone to never send money to people they don't know personally. And if you ever think you're being scammed you can do some research through the BBB website here.

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