I like to believe that the baseline for people in society is inherent goodness. But it seems every day there is something that makes me question that belief. I think of the phrase "This is why we can't have nice things," because someone always has to ruin it for everyone else. One of the cool features on Facebook is the events tab that shows you what cool things are coming to your city. And even when you're not in the tab, Facebook's targeting algorithm has events that align with your interests pop up on your feed. Pretty convenient...until the event you are excited for turns out to be a scam.

AZ Food Festivals calls itself the "Largest Independent Producer of Food Festivals in the USA" in its 'About' section on Facebook. The page has thousands of 'likes' and lists several food and beverage events coming to various cities. Boise was cited as a the location for both a mimosa bar crawl and a margarita bar crawl, with vendors to be confirmed closer to the event. I've seen this before with the Juneteenth Festival in Boise. They waited to reveal the exact location of the event and who all the vendors were because events are tricky and sometimes the logistics aren't hammered out right away. But the Juneteenth Festival took place as planned at it was an awesome event in Downtown Boise. So I didn't think anything of it regarding these bar crawls. In fact, I even wrote about them for this site. Unfortunately I may have been wrong.

Courtney Salmon of KEZJ in Twin Falls has alerted me that the mimosa/margarita crawls heading to Twin Falls appear to be a scam, so this may apply to Boise as well. Looking further into the comments sections of the events listed are complaints from various Facebook users claiming that these events are in fact a scam and alleging the company Ticketbud, which handles the sales of the tickets for these events, took their money then canceled the events and never afforded them refunds. And various complaints against Ticketbud have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, which does not accredit the company.

What monster promises mimosas and margaritas and then pulls the rug out? There will be no mimosas. There will be no margaritas. Just heartbreak! Just be careful on Facebook, folks. Can't trust the site to filter out potential scammers. But if you're looking for some great drinks at a bar in Boise that 100% exists, keep scrolling.

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