About a week and a half ago I shared a story with you about a confrontation I had in downtown Boise me that really shook me up. Here's part two of that story and it ended with flowers!

If you need to start at the beginning, read Last Night in Downtown Boise Left Me Traumatized and Scared for My Life. 

I was approached by a man downtown who although he didn't physically assault me, really intimidated me and made me terrified of what could happen next. I feel like maybe I made too big of a deal out of it, but it shook me up and I wanted to send two messages.

1. Ladies, be careful. Often times we are not prepared for these kinds of encounters because we think Boise is safe and nothing will happen to us. This incident happened at 8:30 p.m.across from The Reef. It was the last thing I expected.

2. Guys, it's not cool to intimidate a woman with your words. No means no and even if you don't physically assault her your words can be very damaging.

As I told my story, I mentioned that a couple I know entered the parking lot and although I was too scared to call out to them I tried to make eye-contact with the woman and I was praying that they would recognize that something was wrong.

They passed by and I have never once held it against them because I knew that they simply didn't know what was going on and I blamed myself for not making more of a scene.

This morning I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from the woman and a very kind letter that said when she read my story she knew they were the couple and that although she did notice my body language and that the situation may not be good, she assumed I knew the man and chose not to get involved.

How many times do all of us do this? We don't want to get involved in someone else's business so we don't go with our gut instinct. I know I've done that before.

She talked about how the experience changed her and she'll step in next time she sees something questionable going down. I know I'll react differently too.

So thank you, Nicole, for these beautiful flowers that sit on my desk and are a constant reminder to me that there is far more good in the world than there is bad!

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