Get ready to put together the most gorgeous custom flower bouquets of your life as Lovely Hollow Farm in Caldwell prepares to open for their 2021 season.

The lovely, Lovely Hollow Farm has announced they will open for the 2021 season Wednesday, June 30th at 6pm out in Caldwell and we couldn't be more excited about it! Last year I took my then fiancé, now wife and we picked all kinds of flowers, pretty much everything we could fit in a bucket, plus some giant sunflowers! This year they're coming back and they have a whole new crop of beautiful flowers getting set to bloom and make their way into your life!

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A little back story on Lovely Hollow Farm according to owner, Nikki: "I grew up in the family cattle feeding business, and fully planned on running my own cattle feed yard one day, raising a family in it— the whole shebang. After graduating from Utah State University in agriculture; I came back to the feedlot and realized I honestly didn’t love my career choice. I missed being around people and socializing! Cows are pretty boring and don’t have a lot to say.

After a few years of hem-hawing around at different odd jobs; I discovered my love for horticulture. I couldn’t believe I could throw some seeds in the dirt, sprinkle some water and pixie dust over them and watch them transform into giant plants, flowers, shrubs.

I then decided to turn my story into a colorful one, full of blossoms and people gathering. Full of love and sweet smelling flowers, people all connecting over a bucket of blooms."

Follow them on Instagram on updates and get ready to drive out to Caldwell on June 30th!

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