Do you like tacos?  How about Funky Tacos?  Well if you love the Funky Taco Food Truck, you could be getting a new Funky Taco restaurant location, which means you won't have to run around town looking for the Funky Taco Truck any longer.

According to an article that appears in Boise dev, the Funky Taco food truck owners have submitted a design application with Boise City Hall to take over and remodel the space  known as Mongolian Grill and Bar in downtown Boise at Eighth and Bannock next to Dawson Taylor.

According to an article in the Idaho Statesman, the Mongolian Grill is not happy about being pushed out of their location and it could mean that they have to close permanently. The manager of the Mongolian Grill, said "the owner put $300,000 worth of improvements into the building when it opened almost 15 years ago." The manager went on to say that "the owner wants to renew the lease, but the building’s owner has so far refused."

No word on when or if the designs will be approved by Boise City Hall, but just because we love Funky Tacos so much, we will keep you up to date when and if we hear...and please if you know any more info please share, so we can pass it along.


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