Meet Hermey!!!  He is Stray # 8 of our Mix 106 “12 Strays of Christmas”!

He is a 2 year old Shih Tzu mix who is so cute we just about can’t stand it!  Plus, he’s a sweetheart too!  His tan and white coat will need regular grooming to keep him looking and feeling his best.  Shih Tzus typically shed a little less than some other breeds, which is an added bonus, and Hermey’s small size makes him the perfect little lap dog!  When he came to the shelter as a stray, he had some corneal ulcers that are being treated with eye drops.  It is possible he may need long term treatment for them, but his vision is fine.

All Hermey asked Santa for this Christmas was a forever home of his own.  If you are looking for a best friend, come and meet this lovable little guy!  We know you’ll fall in love with him!

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