If you've been looking for a sign to adopt a new fur friend - this is it. I AWALYS encourage people to "adopt" rather than "shop" considering how many cats and dogs there already are in this world who are in need of forever homes. The Idaho Humane Society will be hosting a statewide free cat adoption event on October 24th.

You can welcome a deserving cat in need of home into yours with all adoption fees waived thanks to the Rachel Ray No-Kill Excellence Grant. The grant was awarded to the Idaho Humane Society in the amount of $3,275 which is enough to cover the fees of at least 20 cats.

"We will begin rolling out FREE adoptable cats that meet the grant’s criteria starting Thursday, October 15th. Simply stop by our Bird Adoption Center to meet these cats or keep a watchful eye for cats on our adoption portal!"
IHS also says they plan to "encourage our surrounding community to learn more about our work towards becoming a No-Kill Idaho and how to adopt these fantastic felines."

This $3,275 is only a small potion of the grant awarded to IHS. $30,000 of The Rachael Ray Foundation Grant was awarded to the Idaho Shelter Coalition. 19 shelters around the state have made the commitment to be a part of the coalition  while also commiting towards a No-Kill Idaho.

If you would like to adopt one of these cats, be sure to attend the adoption event that will take place at the organization’s Bird Street adoption center on October 24.

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