Some of the best memories 4th of July memories surround the family. As your family grows it just becomes more memorable. You go from looking, to sparklers to scaring off your pets for weeks.

Fireworks is not a fun time for your pets and so many families don't know it. Let's put you on notice that it freaks them out. What do you do?

5 Tips to a Happy Pup on Independence Day in Idaho

We can all agree that 2020 will be a 4th of July event like no other. You might even say it was a flashback family moment in every neighborhood across the Treasure Valley and the country. Do you remember this photo:

That is a photo taken by Darwin Fan and will go down in history as the year 4th of July shutdown during the pandemic. Those fireworks are from neighborhoods across Boise. That's also a ton of scared pets. There is a way to calm their anxiety.


5 Tips - We have science tips that are kind of common sense and over-the-counter pet options from drops and chewable.

  1. Create Safe Place - Use their crate or playpen that is a safe place for them. Make sure they have a spot to hide during fireworks if it the noise bothers them.
  2. Run out the Energy Early - Makes sense right? Take them out early (be careful with the heat) and let them go for walks. So many people take pets out when it's cooler or close to bedtime. You might move that up. Dogs are much less to worry about when exhausted.
  3. Chill - Dogs know when you get too excited or scared. They will follow your lead. Be calm and talk calmly to them.
  4. Calming shirts - You can buy these at Petco or online. These are the calming shirts you see that comforts pups. It's similar to the calming blankets you see for adults to curve anxiety when sleeping.
  5. Quiet and Calming Pills/Drops - There is a Quiet Moments Calming Dog Soft Chew and Hemp Quiet Moments from Petco. You can also visit Zamzows who sells CBD and HomeoPet products. HomeoPet Fireworks Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Pets is one to look into.

I asked someone at Zamzows regarding customer reviews on this Fireworks product. She said everyone loves it and has never had a negative complaint regarding it. The only problem we ever had with our Dachshund was his intelligence. That dog would sniff any trick we had instantly.

I'll post some links below, but there are several options at Petco, Bark n' Purr, and Zamzow's. Have a great 4th of July and remember that your pups won't calm down when the noises quit. It took our dog days to finally relax and fireworks continue after the 4th. Hope this helps.

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