Perhaps you know someone who made good on their promise to make the move to Idaho. They'll obviously want to know where to go to enjoy tasty chicken wings and they'll want to know where the safest places to live are.

What they may not be thinking about is driving and traffic.

Driving in the Treasure Valley is like nowhere else

Roundabouts, school zones, and weather conditions, oh my! Idaho has so much to offer and people often forget to bring up how much the roads offer as well.

Driving in the Treasure Valley is like nothing else. You never know what you'll see and if you've ever been on 84 heading west during rush hour traffic, you know that excitement is one lane change away.

We asked Boise locals on social media what things "transplants" should know before they hit the streets of the Treasure Valley. While some offered solid advice, one, in particular, had a brutally honest answer that will either ruffle feathers or draw cheers.

Let's get into the top things the worst drivers in Idaho need to know before hitting the roads of the Treasure Valley according to locals.

8 Essential Tips To Share With The Worst Driver You Know in Idaho

Here are the things Boise locals say that transplants need to know when taking on the roads of the Treasure Valley...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now that we know what not to do in the Treasure Valley, maybe we should talk about the vehicles you don't want to get caught driving around town.

Don't Get Caught Driving These Vehicles In The Treasure Valley

The people of Boise have taken to social media to share the vehicles they find the most annoying. Do you agree?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Is it possible then that Idaho drivers could be among some of the worst in the country? Some people think so... let's take a look at why.

10 Hilarious Reasons Why Idaho Drivers Are The WORST

Unfortunately, these are pretty accurate.

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull

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