I love all the local spots we have, but sometimes you want the common old comfort foods everyone knows. Here's 6 we're actually missing out on *Not another In-N-Out list*

Look, we all know In-N-Out isn't here, we all know that one day it could happen, but that's not what this list is about. I found a list of the Top 500 chain restaurants (not just fast food) in the country and examined which ones we have here in Idaho. If I was doing a list of 7 Chain Restaurants we're missing, In-N-Out would've been on it, but dead last. But this is a list of SIX (6) chain restaurants that aren't here, and I've been fortunate to try all but two.

  1. Dunkin': Formerly Dunkin' Donuts; great coffee, donuts, flat breads, the works... This is one would be nice to have, especially since they have a lot of 24 hour locations.
  2. Whataburger: This is Texas' version of In-N-Out I guess and while I've never had it, I'd be curious to try it because people in the south RAVE about it.
  3. Raising Cane's: If you love chicken fingers and buttery toast, this is it. That's what they do! Chicken fingers, chicken finger sandwiches and amazing buttery toast, plus they claim their sauce is the boss!
  4. Waffle House: I've never had this either but this is one people in the South swear by and will love and protect till they die. Waffle house could actively have mice running around eating cockroaches while they make chicken and waffles and people would still sweat by it.
  5. Bojangles: Ooh! I've had this! Fried chicken, great sides, it's kind of like a pop-eyes with a different vibe. Good, for sure!
  6. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: This is one of my favorite chains; amazing pizzas, great beers, hand crafted sodas, an incredible menu of different entrees and most importantly, Pizookies! Fresh baked cookies in a little baking tin with ice cream. I'd trade all the above in for one BJ's!

Of the top 50 of this list of 500, we have all but seven, so that bodes well for Idaho. Two of them are known for being Southern spots so really we're five away from the ultimate chain restaurant domination! Also, go see our great local spots which we frequently write about

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