I've said it before... and I'll say it again: Boise needs a Whataburger!!

Seriously, we're near the end of 2022 and we still don't have the greatest burger chain of all time in the Treasure Valley. And it's not like Whataburger is only restricted to Texas either! According to the official site for the greatest burger chain of all time, Whataburger has locations in Tennessee, Kansas, and even frickin' Missouri.

Yet, for some reason, Idaho has In-N-Out. Don't get me wrong, is In-N-Out delicious? Sure, for some. But maybe it's because I grew up in a state where the official food is Whataburger. There is something magical about hitting up that orange beacon in the night after a fun night out with friends.

And can we talk about the staff at Whataburger? Man, they got all kinds of people with amazing stories working these drive-thru windows. Treat them right and you might get an extra tender or an extra batch of spicy ketchup without having to ask for it. Never mind the fact that Whataburger has a secret menu behind their already great menu that includes only the greatest breakfast sandwich of all time... the Breakfast on a Bun. It will change your life.

Unfortunately, for now, all we can do is dream and keep our fingers crossed that the Treasure Valley one day gets to welcome a Whataburger in our lifetimes. Don't get me wrong - we have some amazing local places, but if you ask me to choose between In-N-Out and Whataburger (yes I've tried both)... I choose Whataburger every time.

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