Call me sentimental, but I kind of miss Hastings. I used to live a few blocks away from Hastings on Overland.  I loved browsing the shelves and picking out a movie with my kids when they were little. But gone are the days of VHS and DVDs and all of the Treasure Valley Hastings stores have shut down in the past few years. This month, one of those vacant stores will reopen as something new.

The Hastings that was formally in the shopping center at Overland Road and Five Mile is will soon make the transformation into a new Vietnamese market.

TradeViet Specialty Asian Foods is set to open before the end of February in the former Hastings store at 10539 W Overland Road. Upon opening it will be the largest Asian foods market in Boise with 22,683 square feet of space for groceries.

The owner, Joey Do, also plans to open a food court within the space that will serve everything from soup to traditional Vietnamese entrees. He takes on this business venture after selling his share of Boise's Pho Le restaurant last fall, so I can only assume that he knows how to make a delicious cup of pho noodle soup!

Read more about TradeViet here


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