Say hello to TINSEL!  He is #5 of our 12 Strays of Christmas!

Tinsel is a 3 month old Terrier mix.  He has a solid cream coat & weighs 7 pounds. Expect him to remain a smaller dog, probably around 15 - 20 pounds full grown, depending on his mix.  He is bouncy, playful, and a happy little guy who is affectionate and loves interacting with people!  Tinsel will need plenty of exercise and games to keep him busy and engaged.  Since he is still a baby, he will benefit from consistent training with patience and lots of praise and rewards!

If you’re not familiar with terriers, here’s a little info about the breed:
Terriers are wonderful pets in a single dog home; when raised young with another dog they can do ok. These breeds can be territorial of what they think is "theirs," (yard, home, toys) and may bark at strangers and other dogs, which makes them great little watch dogs.  Terriers love to chase small animals, so are usually best in a home with no cats, chickens, etc. and may not be patient enough for small children.  All that being said, they are fabulous pets in the right home with an owner who understands them.

Tinsel is neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped! He’s ready to go home with you today!

Contact the West Valley Humane Society today to take Tinsel home forever!

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