As much as I love unapologetically stuffing my face with good food, I've never put myself to the test while doing so. The Treasure Valley offers several food challenges for those who love to eat and who also have something to prove. Listed below are five crazy food challenges that all local foodies should at least try!

Big Jud’s “2-Pound Burger Challenge”

This 2 lb burger topped with cheese, sauces, and veggies is bigger looks bigger than my head! In addition the finishing the entire burger, challengers must also finish a large soda or non-water beverage and over 1 lb of fries or tots in under 30 minutes. Those who succeed will have their picture featured on Wall of Fame. Big Jud's also has a 1 lb burger challenge too!

Garbonzo’s Pizza “28-inch Pizza Challenge”

I like to think I could eat an endless amount of pizza but 10 lbs of it would certainly be a challenge! This challenges allows for a tag-team. Together, two challengers have 60 minutes to finish a 28-inch pizza and the reward is pretty nice. Successfully completing the challenges means a year of free drink refills and your picture on the wall of fame. Plus, the pizza is free!

Wheeler's 18 "Wheeler Challenge"

Another 2 lb. cheeseburger challenge awaits at Wheeler's in Nampa. In under 30 minutes challengers must consume a 2 lb. Cheeseburger, 1/2 lb. of fries, and a large milkshake! The meal is free for those who do and if you don't, you still get a free T-Shirt either way.

Indian Creek Steakhouse “The Workhorse” 

Last but certainly not least challenging is the The Workhorse challenge. 72 oz is a lot of steak! Challengers have 60 minutes to finish it all plus a salad, potato, beans, and bread. The meal is free for those who do.

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