This story makes me sick. Three very young children found living in extreme conditions in a shed in Garden City. 

The children, ages 1, 2, and 3 were reported missing from California back in May. They were abducted by their Mother who was violating a court order.

The mother, Jayde Skye Burgoyne, had the children living in a tool shed without any running water in the middle of the summer.

According to an article on KTVB, that details the crime, the children were found on July 29th. The Tulare County District Attorney's Child Abduction Unit and the Garden City Police Department worked together to find the children, who have since been returned to Tulare County and to their appointed guardian.

As a mother, I do find myself having some sympathy for a mother who obviously wants to be with her kids, but choices have consequences and there is obviously reasoning behind why this mother did not have legal custody of her kids. I also know as a mother that I would always do everything in my power to protect them and never put them in harm's way and this mother didn't do that. She acted upon her own desire to have her children rather than thinking about what is best for them.

I'm so grateful these children are no longer living in these horrendous conditions and I hope that their Mother gets the proper help that she needs.

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