Doggface208 is back at it and pay close attention or you'll miss this dude. I can't remember the last time someone's popularity went from zero to bananas like this. Maybe it was just the right thing at the best time for the 208.

We could take credit but this dude has 3.2 million followers across the country. I love that we get to rep him because the story is just cool. I was watching his commercial with Snoop Dogg when I saw my friend Diana from @boise_bucketlist post Doggface208 with the Idaho Potato.

That's when I looked up to his 3.2 million followers, saw his new Fat Doggface sub, new truck and the list goes on. I just mentioned it to someone and they said without a thought, "Most popular guy in Idaho."

We can get a little irritated that we'll hear more potato comments now. It's cool to have the Dogg in this video but everyone else is going to start messaging us say, "Damn, those potatoes are huge in Idaho!" Someone always has to make that potato joke. Here's our local star with the Famous Idaho Potato.

The B-52's might have the most famous Idaho, "Private Idaho." Song of the radio people would sing this hook from the AM station. This just happened to be their favorite song even though "Love Shack" would be my choice!

We've got a ton going on right now with the pandemic and the holidays. There is something about this guy that lets our anxiety disappear for a few moments because he's happy. We laugh when watching him because he's just a carefree type of guy. Everyone wants to see a person like this succeed. We follow, share, and show our friends.

That's what we need right now. Thanks, Doggface208.

Follow are Idaho brother @Doggface208 on Instagram. Thanks for sharing boise_bucketlist.

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