The country is at the beginning of hopefully the end of COVID-19. I say that with the highest hopes that the current vaccine rollout begins to shut this pandemic down.

I have family and friends who have caught this virus. Some snapped right out of it and others did not. There is one man from a little spot in Idaho that made us forget everything for a few minutes. Nathan Apodaca (Doggface208) is our TikTok favorite and he just announced he has the Coronavirus, damn.

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We don't want to see anyone catch this virus because it impacts everyone differently. This thing is scary. I feel like our TikTok friend from Idaho Falls helped us forget some things when we needed to disconnect the most. There was something about this guy from Idaho on a skateboard, drinking cranberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac that captivated our attention.

We get so caught up in the worst things attacking our lives that this guy's happiness made us fall in love with him. People magazine is writing about this guy newly announced positive with COVID-19. Nathan is racking up endorsements from everyone including Ocean Spray.

We hope our guy gets better and puts the coronavirus in the past. Nobody wants to see anyone catch this thing because 305,934 people have lost their lives. Nathan does catch our attention because he's from Idaho and that TikTok video made us smile. Based on his 3.3 million followers that accumulated overnight, he made everyone smile.

Stay healthy brother and keep making us smile.

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