What an incredibly busy Toy Drive Saturday where we hit TWO major milestones and got the last few toys to fill the only original goal we hadn't hit yet.

We'll start with the bikes! I'm happy to share with you that as we head into the 11th day, we now have 61! Our original goal was 50 and we're so excited to have pulled over the '60' milestone!

Now, with the cash and gift cards, we are less than $300 away from hitting our big goal of $7,500 which is so cool considering our original goal was $500. The big milestone was getting over the $7,000 mark which is so cool.

Day 10 was the day of toys and toys and toys. So many families coming out with their kids showing them how it's important to give to others and it was such an amazing sight to see. Then, about 6:20 pm, a woman named Danielle came by in a truck and said "Are you Moug?", "I am" I proclaimed. She then said she had a gift for me and she pulled off the cover of the bed of her truck and it was FILLED with toys. All kinds of toys! Baby toys, kids toys, teen toys, everything under the sun. We were able to get it all into the truck but it just needs to be sorted and then we can call it a wrap on that 53 foot Giltner truck and move on to the next one. Look at all those toys! Thanks to Danielle and the crew over at Pristine Finish Construction for finishing our truck out!

All equipment for Mix 106 12 Days of ChristMIX generously donated by Pacific North Contractors , with support from Giltner Transportation, Inc. , and Valley Wide Cooperative.

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