So day 5 was a big day for our cash and gift card totals but the story of day six is all about bikes at the 12 Days Of ChristMIX Toy Drive!

Well, we're at the half way point in the 12 Days Of ChristMIX Toy Drive and things are looking pretty good! Yesterday we got up over the $4,000 mark on cash and gift cards and while things have been rather slow today on that front, I am happy with how close we are to making our goal. Our (current) goal is $5,000 and we have $4,255 going into the second half of Toy Drive so that's a pretty good start.

We're still stacking toys into our 53 foot truck from Giltner and we're at about the 3/4 mark. We do have two trucks out here and it would be nice to fill both of them if we could!

Now for the bikes! We had 30 bikes as we shut down for the night last night and then this morning, Brian and Wendy from All County Roofing in Boise rolled through with NINE bikes! This got us up to 39 and then our friends from Giltner showed up with three more putting us at 42 as we wrap up night number six, and the first half of Toy Drive.

If we doubled everything we have right now in the second half, we'd have a truck and a half of toys, 84 bikes and about $8,500 in cash and gift cards. Will that happen? I don't know but one can hope! So we'll continue out here collecting toys, bikes, cash and gift cards for Treasure Valley kids and teens until Monday (12/14) at 10 am. Hope to see you here! If you're interested in receiving toys from our drive, all the info you need is here. 

"All equipment for Mix 106 12 Days of ChristMIX generously donated by Pacific North Contractors , with support from Giltner Transportation, Inc. , and Valley Wide Cooperative." 

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