Idaho is easing its way into 10-digit dialing. It’s called the "permissive dialing period," which means the 208 area code can be added to all local dialing. By this time next year, it will be mandatory.

The Public Utilities Commission wanted to allow plenty of time for us to get used the 10-digit dialing.

There are only a handful of states that only have one area code like we do in Idaho. 208 was assigned to us back in 1947. The second area code, 986, will be issued to new telephone numbers starting in fall 2017.

Over the next few months you will also want to start changing the numbers that you have pre-programmed into your phone to include the area code. When the mandatory 10-digit dialing starts in August, all calls, even local calls, without an area code won’t go through.

I've kept my WA state number because I'm afraid I will forget to give my new one to someone and they won't be able to get in touch with me. But, it sounds like I need to finally change my number to a 208 before there aren't any left!