Scrolling through social media is so mentally and emotionally draining these days. It seems impossible to escape the bad that is happening in around the world and in our country. While I believe that social media is such a powerful tool for learning and conversation, it can be so damaging in many ways if we are not careful. From the pandemic to the racial injustices, there are many things going on right now that can easily trigger anxiety.

There are also many others reasons apart from the current climate we are in as to why you may feel the need to take a break from social media. Some people feel that they simply spend way too much time on their phones. Now that Apple gives you screen time reports, you can actually track this and set goals to limit your screen time exposure. Social media can also affect our self-esteem. It is so easy to compare your life to others and feel like you are not enough. But remember, people only posts the best of themselves and social media is not an accurate representation of anyone's true reality.

I encourage you to pay attention to your mental and emotional state immediately after you log out of social media. If you're feeling negative, stressed, or overwhelmed maybe it's time to put your phone for awhile. Take a break from the news. Take a break from the opinions and thoughts on your feeds. You might also want to consider adding balance to your feed. What I mean by that is social media can be toxic because of the type of content we’re being exposed to on a daily basis. Start following accounts who are a source of inspiration and unfollow those who only project negativity.

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