To rent, or not to rent? For a lot of people, it's not a question, it's a given.

When you're a first-time renter, chances are you're bursting with questions on your way to move-in day. We get it.

Rent is on the rise in and around Boise. What else is new, right? Than Merrill, co-founder of FortuneBuilders, CT Homes, and Equity Street Capital recently elaborated on the almost 5% housing market hike across the Treasure Valley for FortuneBuilders.

The Boise housing market has been one of the hottest locales in the country, and the capitol of Idaho shows no signs of slowing down—even as the globe recovers from a pandemic. Despite all that has happened across the country, in fact, real estate in Boise appears perfectly capable of remaining at the forefront of the national housing sector.


Supply & Demand

The rising trend boils down to an increase in housing demand and a decrease in housing supply. Combined, the factors are distancing Boiseans from accruing valuable equity gained through homeownership and forcing them into rentals with no returns on investment.

Here's the deal: whether you elect to rent or you're forced to, you can't control the housing market anymore than you can control spring snow in Idaho. We're forever scarred by Idaho's May blizzard of '22. What you can do, however, is rent smarter than we did on our first dance with the devil called landlord. Check out our tips for renting smarter not harder.

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