When you start typing something in the search box, Google thinks it knows what you're about to say and it fills in the blank for you, right?  The auto-fills come from what's most popular.  In Idaho, it's a surprise to learn what medical procedure we're searching for the most.  

When it comes to services that we want more info on, "Liposuction" is the number one thing that Idahoans are Googling.  Yep!  Over in Iowa it's "Botox," but apparently we've got a pretty good handle on that and don't need Google for help.

In Arizona, the top word is "Vasectomy."  I hear March Madness is a popular time for that surgery cuz guys like to lie on the couch and watch basketball.  And oh yeah...recover.  When they look for services in my home state of Nebraska and they type "K-E," Google auto-fills with "Keg."  I didn't have Google when I was there, but I still managed to find a few.

If you have nothing else to do at work today, it's kinda fun to see what else Google comes up with.  Here are some of my words, and what Google thinks I'm thinking about.

My intended word, followed by Google's prediction about what I'm looking for after a few letters:

Kids - Kidney Stone

Parks - Parks and Recreation Season 7

Tinder - Tinder nightmares

Spring fashion - Spring fashion

Why does my elbow hurt - Why does my cat lick me.

Tatcha skincare - Tatcha Serum

How long to boil chicken - How long is Insurgent


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