The Super Bowl is kind of a big deal.  And up until recently, if you had to work during the game or someone who wasn't in their right mind planned a kids' birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday, you probably had to miss the game.  No TV, no Super Bowl.  But that's all changed, and now you can stream it.  Here's the link.

CBS Sports is not only streaming the Super Bowl on February 7th, but some playoff games too.  Click HERE for the player.  The Super Bowl kicks off from San Francisco at 5:30pm Central on the 7th, and the pregame coverage will run all day.

The Seahawks will be there, right?  They're hot right now!  Except they have to play in what could be the coldest NFL game in history Sunday in Minnesota with a temp around 0 and wind chills that not even the stoutest beer can fight.  Ugh.  That will be the ultimate gut check.

If the Seahawks win Sunday, they'll have to travel to either Arizona or Carolina to play in the Divisional round next weekend.

Regardless of who's playing, it's a chip/guac/queso and chicken wing kind of weekend, with lots of jersey-wearing, trash-talkin', and beer.  Have fun!  It's a good weekend to start working on those Super Bowl party invites too.

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