We've been talking a lot about spiders on the showgram this week.  We talked about the Giant Bird-eating spider.  We've had Corbin Maxey bring in Tarantulas into the radio station to be on the show.  I'm not freaked out to much by spiders, but this story creeps the hell out of me.

21 year old Dylan Thomas, was on vacation in Bali when he noticed a red trail appearing on his stomach.  He went to Bali International Medical Centre when it started growing to see what it might be.

Doctors initially thought it was just an insect bite and gave him an antihistamine to treat it.  But when it started blistering, Thomas went to see a dermatologist

Doctors retrieved a small tropical spider that had entered his stomach through a small scar from a previous appendix operation

So I think the lesson here is to never have your appendix taken out.


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