Summer time in the Treasure Valley means all the bugs are out to play. There is no shortage of creepy crawlies with spindly legs and/or gruesome wings making their presence known. And as much as I admire nature and her glories, co-existing with insects and arachnids in close quarters isn't ideal. For one, they are scary. Venomous or not, something about these bugs is unsettling.

Humans obviously outrank in size and a good thwack stops a bug in its tracks immediately. But I think it might be the inherent fear of the unknown (it's not like we can get to know bugs and find out what's what) and their unpredictable movements that are cause for alarm. Then you throw in the bug bite and poison factor, makes sense there's an entire profession and industry dedicated to eradicating them.

And while most of us have had the bug guy come out to spray or we've done it ourselves, we may have neglected a space we didn't realize needed it? We keep finding spiders on our ceiling. Not one. Not two. We've found at least 9 in the last 3 days. And one dropped down in a pointed attack on me, I'm certain. Right on the back of my knee as I was passing through the garage. And it...punctured me? Bit me? What do you call it?

I have an itchy hard lump that otherwise seems harmless. I guess if I die this will be a really awkward read. But this is my warning for you to look up in case there are spiders ready to drop down on you. Maybe have the bug person give the house another once over.

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