Serious question... With sports coming back soon without crowds, late night TV shows with no audience, would you prefer sound effects that made things FEEL normal? In fact, there was one MAJOR TV sitcom with laugh tracks that NEVER had a live studio audience.

Think about it... Back in the day, most TV sitcoms had fake laugh tracks running under them. Actually, How I met your mother is a show that had laugh tracks but was not filmed in front of a live studio audience, and no one seemed to care.

I was watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and his show, specifically, relies on the laughter of the audience, and in fact, it's pretty awkward without. Same with Saturday Night Live.

Major League Sports are coming back fairly soon and there will be empty stadiums. Should it be presented like golf or would you care if they did a little smoke in mirrors and gave you some crowd effects? I feel like it would at the very least make things feel like normal. No?

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