An Idaho woman was selected for the popular reality TV dating show “90 Day Fiance” and locals are freaking out.


Idaho Woman Featured on 90 Day Fiance Reality Show

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media


Here’s what we know

Ella is a 29-year-old from Idaho Falls, Idaho. From what we know from this article by ShowBiz Cheatsheet, Ella is a country gal looking for love.



She has a strong preference for Asian men and met Johnny (an Asian man) on an international dating app exclusively for white women and Asian men.


Taking big steps on this dating reality show

Johnny and Ella prepare to meet up in Idaho - Johnny shares his thoughts.

90 Day Fiance: Idaho Woman (Ella) and her bf Johnny

Gallery Credit: Hannah Shippen, Townsquare Media


The Relationship

From the beginning, the two proclaim to be soul mates. But, Ella worries her weight may cause Johnny to leave her as her ex-boyfriends have in the past.


They have video chatted, so they know what each other looks like. But, Ella seems to still worry her worst nightmare may come true.

You can see how their story unfolds here.


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