There are some outlandish names parents have given their children in these here great United States of America. Often we can thank celebrities for thinking they are so cool and unique that they must bestow upon their children names that will make them cool and unique from birth. It is for this reason that there are kids walking around called Zillion, Golden, Pilot Inspektor, Cosmo, and Gravity. I wish I were kidding.

Months as names have gotten some play over the years. January Jones is a famous one. My sister in law is called December and has 4 sisters called June, April, September, and October. August is one you often see for guys.

Here in Idaho the most popular names include simple ones, like Emma and Harper, Liam and Henry. But every so often you'll run into kids names after cities, and those names are always nice. Charlotte, Brooklyn, London, Savannah, Austin, Lincoln. Even Dallas and Aspen are pretty cool. There are seriously so many. When it comes to states, Virginia and Georgia seem to be the go-to. But have you ever considered Idaho as a suitable name for your bundle of joy?

It's a unisex name, I think. And if you use it for a girl you can call her Ida for short. Not Ho. Don't do that to your kid... though I guess kids at school would. Idaho as a guy name sounds strong, no nickname necessary. And of course it would be very unique. Have you ever heard of anyone called Idaho? I think not! Closest is Duncan Idaho, a character in the book/film Dune. And that doesn't count 'cause it's a last name. Anyway, it's something to think about and you'd probably make it only the local news.

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