This is a question I have been thinking about for over a week now. It was a topic of conversation at a recent family gathering when all the adults were asking the usual question, "How are things going at work?". Everyone seemed to say that work was okay but just seemed to be a way of paying the bills.

It was at that point that something in the conversation changed and we started talking about if we would want the younger kids running around to get into the same career fields that we had each gotten into.

For me, everyone thinks that radio is all fun and no play which isn't exactly the case but I am lucky to enjoy my job. There is a lot more to it than just concerts and hanging with musicians but I can honestly say I like going to work each day, and I know most people can't say that.

If I remember correctly I was the only person in the conversation that would be happy if someone got into my career field. Although anyone getting into radio (really everyone needs to), remember you need to set money aside for a retirement as soon as possible. Most people in our conversation wanted more for their kids, so they would encourage the young-ones to explore a different career path. So, my question for you is would you be happy with your kid/s if they wanted to explore the same career field that you are in?

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