This last weekend was the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend which means there were more reasons to spend time outside. Whether is was standing in line for Black Friday deals or just having conversation with family. I could definitely tell that is was colder this weekend than I was used to which means I need more indoor activities.

Savannah and I love to play board and card games as we are the oldest married couple ever, yeah we're in our early thirties but we act like we're much older. In fact over the extended weekend we actually started a game of Monopoly that lasted multiple days, in the end I got the victory! Which never seems to happen.

After we played the Monopoly marathon, we looked for other fun games to play and saw the usual games like Yahtzee or Sorry but we wanted something new. So, we ventured to Target and grabbed a new game from the torn apart toy isles, we found the game 'Smart-ish'.

This game was similar to Trivial Pursuit but with questions that I could actually answer. Most of the time when I play Trivial Pursuit, the questions are too difficult. If you're looking for a fun new game to play with your family that isn't going to offend anyone or cause you to get red-faced (like Cards Against Humanity), I would suggest Smart-ish.

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