I'm excited for the winter months for a couple reasons. I've never lived through a proper winter with temperatures hitting freezing. Snow? Rare flukes for a lifelong dry desert dweller. Not that I'm dying to be freezing, but I feel like it's such a vibe for the holiday season! As much as I LOVE Halloween, I am a Christmas fanatic. Even one day of snow will have me giddy all season long.

From a fashion perspective, gloves and scarves have eluded my wardrobe but this winter they will shine. I have a complicated relationship with scarves, but I'm excited nonetheless. And I've got coats that never made their debuts but are perfect for the upcoming season. How superficial! I really should be concerning myself with all the practical things I need to get through the winter.

Treasure Valley, what do I need to know? I'm already struggling with the thermostat situation in my house. What do you find is optimal to not freeze in the middle of the night, but not be sweltering hot. At what temperature do you have it set during the day? I don't want to be throwing away money on this bill because I have it set wrong. And I know the power company has its suggestions, but I want to know what a real local does.

I do know I need to invest in a set of all weather tires, which I already have on one vehicle, but I need a set for the other. What brand do you recommend that won't break the bank but will get the job done? And how worried do I need to be about black ice? Driving in winter sounds scary to me, so I want to know what to expect. Speaking of cars, do I invest in an ice scraper thing for my windshield? What's the best plan of attack if I do have ice all over the car, or is that not going to be much of an issue?

Winter gear for the family is another thing I worry about. I run hot, so I always wear less than the average person might for warmth. I'm assuming I need to invest in heavy jackets for the kids. Gloves, hats, and earmuffs too? Long johns? How far do I need to go with this. Snow boots even? I heard about the year of Snowpocalypse. Should I be concerned about that, would you think?

I'm sure there are things I haven't even thought of and you may be laughing at these queries. Please, let your girl know how she needs to prepare so she's not a bumbling fool all winter. I look forward to learning everything I can.


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