It was a windy night on Saturday in the Treasure Valley but my windy day started earlier about an hour and a half away.

I woke up early on Saturday morning to head out to the South Fork of the Boise River to explore more of that area. It had forecasted wind in Mountain Home but my partner wasn't sure if it would be windy down in the canyon.

You have to drive an hour and away to get the the SF near the damn and it was windy on the way, so I was a little worried it would be really windy down below. Unfortunately it is so much more to fly fish in wind so no chance of much of that. For a windy day it was more busy than I thought it would be.

One of my favorite things about going out though is seeing the different wild life, we saw turkeys, and also all the different elements. A huge dead tree broke in half during a mighty gust of wind. The water was whipping around making cool shapes on the water.

Even though it was so windy it was knocking me over, it was still nice to get outdoors and explore Idaho.

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