On my way home last night, I had what my mom once explained was "the chance to meet a very nice Officer."  I wasn't arrested, but I was pulled over, and I am guilty.  Here's what happened.

What did I do?  I had let my tabs lapse, and I wanted to give you the warning so you don't make the same mistake.  A couple factors meant that I didn't get my renewal card in the mail, and it slipped my mind until recently.

One of the best things about the registration/tabs/tags (how many different ways to describe it are there) process in Idaho is that we can opt to renew for multiple years.  I've lived in a number of states, and haven't had that perk before.

I love it.  That's what I had opted to do was to renew for two years.  That's factor number one.

Unfortunately, I did so just before moving out of the house I had shared with my son's mom just before we separated and divorced.  That is factor number two.

Since I didn't have to renew the first year after (and knew not to worry), I didn't even think about not seeing something or the fact that my address might be wrong.  By the time the second year went by, I had completely forgotten about it.

I noticed a few months ago that my license plate seemed to be the only one with a blue sticker, and asked some friends if it seemed I was overdue.  There wasn't a lot of consensus or understanding, but I realized I needed to investigate.

I went online and found the place to renew.  I was frustrated to find it required the renewal card and a code.  I didn't have that, so it seemed I couldn't renew online.  (spoiler: I missed the small spot on the website to do without card code).  I called and asked someone at one of the Licensing offices, and was under the impression it couldn't be done without visiting the office.

I planned to this week.  The Trooper got to me first.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media
Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

I was fortunate, the Trooper who pulled me over was understanding and gave me a warning, and last night, thanks to some friends who are smarter than me, I renewed online.  Even without my renewal card.

Wanted to remind you to check your address and to know you can, in fact, renew online.




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